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High quality guarantee for glass

Product quality guarantee
  • Choose original brand

    Guaranteed quality and high processing yield.

  • advanced equipment

    Automatic cutting machine, laminating equipment, etc.

  • Independent development

    Focus on glass R&D and manufacturing, with a research and development team of more than 50 people!

  • Strict quality system

    Through ISO9001:2000 quality system certification, products passed the national 3C certification.

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Focus on high quality toughened glass research and development
Strong and secure

The factory is large in scale and convenient in transportation.

Advanced technology and innovative.

3000m2 plant area, 200m2 luxury showroom, more than 10 units Supporting production equipment.

The product has won many quality certification.

Precision instruments, excellent team.

Scientific management methods, details and links are monitored throughout the process to ensure that the quality of product shipments is up to standard.

Style is complete, variety.

Provide private custom one-stop service

According to the needs, we design various product designs with novel styles, unique individualities and beautiful patterns.

National Service Hotline

Sound sales and after-sales service.

User first, integrity first, quality first, service first

Advanced management team, experienced technicians, huge and rapid after-sales;

Sale: Track sales throughout the process to meet custom needs

After-sales: logistics transportation speed guarantee

About Shangyou

Dongguan Shangyou Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. —— Achieve excellence

Dongguan Shangyou Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. has been manufacturing glass grinding tools since 1990. As one of the largest exporters of abrasive tools in China, it has been committed to the research and development and production of various types of glass abrasive tools, and has won domestic and foreign customers. Praise. Shangyan provides customers with a complete range of products including gold steel wheels, resin wheels, polishing wheels, stone wheels, drill bits, cutting blades and other tools. The sales center is located in Foshan, and our sales network covers major cities at home and abroad. We are still looking forward to working with you to open the international market.…

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